Illustrator and Designer by passion.

Neena Jay

Growing up between tarot cards, VW buses and rock festivals, I was always on the lookout for the hardest school of life. Whether surfing on Nepalese landslides, beach hopping with Australian kangaroos or rallies with Indian cows, there was only one constant: my enthusiasm for illustration and illustrative body art.


Until I started to learn tattooing in New Delhi in 2014, I had already completed an apprenticeship, two courses of study and countless temporary jobs in the design field. 7 years and 4 filled passports later, I decided to come back home.



These days you can meet me at the wonderful Fioniverse Inc. Studio in Cologne, Germany. That means if I'm not diving through the Mariana Trench in search of the sourest sea cucumber ... or fighting an illegal boxing match in Bangkok for the Jackpot of € 2.36 ... or testing the newest bumper dumper with 20 km/h on Bihari Highways.

Creative thinking inspires great ideas. time to get crazy!!!